1. Our hostel in Amsterdam was in the Central more downtown part right next to the Red Light District so we wandered outside of that area for a few hours. I love the Borneo-Sporenburg houses by West 8 and that crazy red bridge. Amsterdam is seriously amazing and I’d love to spend more than a few days there sometime soon. 

    Amsterdam, Netherlands 


  2. I loved Sacre Coeur in Montmartre but my friends absolutely hated it because they were idiots and didn’t listen to me when I said DON’T GO ANYWHERE NEAR THE GYPSIES. Of course, they were scammed because of those stupid bracelets. A group of them almost beat my friend up because he was trying to run away and they surrounded him. So, a piece of advice: DON’T GO ANYWHERE NEAR THE GYPSIES. 

    Paris, France


  3. Cambridge is the epitome of old-timey English university town. It’s a fantasy land where you’re surrounded by ancient architecture and where cute guys row boats (er…I mean, punts) for you. 

    Now I know why there no hotties in London BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL IN CAMBRIDGE.

    Cambridge, England


  4. My spring break has just started and unfortunately, this year it doesn’t involve running off to Paris or Prague or Venice. I spent yesterday in Annapolis with my parents on the first warm day after this “polar vortex” we’ve been having. 
    I haven’t been there in years. We used to live really near Annapolis and used to go there all the time, but now I’m closer to DC so that’s where we usually go. 

    We ate at this random deli, Chick & Ruth’s, and it was this super casual, tiny little place with aaaaamazing crab cakes, 3 pound burgers and a 6 pound milkshake. Apparently, it was on Man vs. Food (the TV show) and you can do the challenge - which is to drink the 6 lb milkshake and down one of their “extreme sandwiches.” However, I’m not as insane as I think myself to be, so I didn’t even look at that part of the menu. 

    I miss the Eastern Shore because the people are so friendly and down to earth. Everyone will start a conversation with anyone and it usually ends with, “Alright, honey, you have a good day now!” It’s such a change from DC where people on the street hardly even glance your way but will most definitely bump into you. 

    Annapolis, Maryland