1. Moon Beach perfection.

    Okinawa, Japan


  2. passenger seat.

    Okinawa, Japan


  3. I’ve recently returned from a wonderful 3 week vacation. I spent a week in Okinawa and two weeks in the Philippines visiting my family. This is the first leg of our trip in Okinawa where we spent a day in Naha, the downtown city. Good shopping mostly. There wasn’t too much nightlife (from what we could see at least) and it was so strange because my two friends and I were literally the only females walking around at night. It wasn’t even late - only about 9 PM and the only people in sight were Japanese men. I don’t even know.¬†


  4. Our hostel in Amsterdam was in the Central more downtown part right next to the Red Light District so we wandered outside of that area for a few hours. I love the Borneo-Sporenburg houses by West 8 and that crazy red bridge. Amsterdam is seriously amazing and I’d love to spend more than a few days there sometime soon.¬†

    Amsterdam, Netherlands